We as medical professionals, our staff and our cooperating partners give everything, on a daily basis, to motivate our patients to visit our practice in good spirit, leaving it even happier, radiating beauty. That is how we ourselves like to experience our daily teamwork, we wish for everyone to love coming to work.


Over the years, and as for dental treatments in general, superficial beauty alone is not enough. It’s the substance, I’m interested in. That’s why I further my own advancement constantly: I question myself daily, scrutinize my actions, my motivation. My way is a road to authenticity. Finding answers for myself on the way and for my patients, my partners and my staff. For having the freedom of following this road, I’d like to thank my husband, our three children and the role model of my life, father of my country, Nelson Mandela.
Main focus todayInterdisciplinary biodynamic orthodontics, orthodontic treatment of the temporomandibular joint from the diagnostics to the change into a pathology-free centric-relation.
Since 2006Lecturer, in Europe and overseas.
Since 1998own practice as an orthodontist.
1997Examination for specialization in orthodontics by Prof. Dr. Schopf, University of Frankfurt, Germany.
1995 – 1996Assistant dentist training for orthodontics in the Department of Orthodontics, University of Kiel, Germany.
1992 – 1994Postgraduate training as an orthodontist in the practice of Dr. Brigitte König-Toll, Kronberg, Germany
1987 – 1992Degree in Dentistry B.Ch.D. at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

/ detailed CV, List of postgraduate courses (PDF)


Since september 2017Orthodontist by Dr. Sophie Elisabeth Menzel
2016 - 2017Orthodontist by Dr. Schiller, Grafing, Germany
2016Examination for specialization in orthodontics, Baden-Württemberg
2015 - 2016Assistant dentist training for orthodontics by Prof. Dr. Schott, University of Tübingen, Germany
2012 - 2015Assistant dentist training for Assistant dentist training for orthodontics by Dres. Bacher, Heidenheim, Germany.
2010 - 2012Assistant dentist training by Dr. Hansen and Dr. Blatt, Munich, Germany
2004 - 2010Degree in Dentistry at University of Köln and University LMU in Munich, Germany