Our body with its complex functions works smoothly only if whole and united. Within the healing profession each with a different focus we follow a similar stratagem: Based on an intensive communicative interchange with each other, we treat the patient – as a strong team for a healthy system.

Prof. Dr. Erich Wühr, Bad Kötzting:
A highly respected colleague with an extensive knowledge in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which he applies successfully in the the most complex cases.
Dr. Otto Zuhr, München:
One of the most internationally acclaimed colleagues that I have the honour to work with. He operates in a highly professional conscientious way always with a mind set to perfection.
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seeher, München-Nymphenburg:
A renowned empathetic and very sensitive dentist with an enormous fund of experience in the treatment of complex CMD cases.
Dr. Alexandra Kreisl, Percha / Starnberg:
A colleague who really understood how to treat her patients in a comprehensive interdisciplinary way - a master in the cooperative methods.
Dr. Dr. Kay Sauckel, Wolfratshausen:
A excellent maxillofacial surgeon who has mastered the art of relaxing his patients when preparing them for very well-done surgeries.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dirk Nolte, München:
A maxillofacial surgeon who has achieved a breakthrough in treatments necessitating surgical transplantation to preserve the own natural teeth and thereby preventing later implantation.
Dr. Walter Kerf, Herrsching am Ammersee:
One of the most experienced colleagues, who shows an incredible input to further his knowledge to be able to offer his patients a optimal treatment.
Dr. Andreas Kraus, Praxisklinik Pfaffenwinkel, Peiting: The colleague who has convincingly managed to place beautifully invisible implants in the anterior tooth region, so that our patients are willing to travel the distance to his practice.
Dr. Christiane Rathenow, Gauting:
An orthodontist who has understood since long ago how important the need for cooperation with other fields of healthcare treatment in our profession is to achieve optimal results.
Dr. Gero Schumann, Utting am Ammersee, Windach:
A dentist who always gives his patients a feeling of security by showing great sensitivity.
Dr. Lena Plas-Dittmann, Seefeld:
A colleague in the Bavarian Five-Lakes County who has developed a reputation for very sensitive and young patients.
Dr. Sabine Tischner, Herrsching am Ammersee:
A very dear, kind and interested dentist who applies herself with much patience to treat the youngest of our patients and who is a great favourite with both kids and parents.
Dr. Olaf Then, Sauerlach:
A specialist in the field of orthopaedic surgery who has specialized in many additional fields surrounding his profession and presents the most astonishing results in very complicated cases.
Dr. Gabriele Wierlacher, Germering:
Everybody dreams of being treated her way: This profoundly experienced ear, nose and throat specialist always keeps her focus trained on her patients, who keep returning to her gladly.
Dorothea Prodinger-Glöckl, München:
An osteopath with the background of a gigantic pool of profound knowledge and experience, outstanding diagnosis capabilities and the corresponding successes of her treatments.
Beatriz Baumann, München:
The lectures and presentations I give as a co-therapist together with this osteopath always convince the audience through clarity and comprehensibility. The same can be said about the quality of her treatments.
Gabriele Nistler D.O. M.R.O., Landsberg am Lech:
An osteopath who always tries to get to the bottom of it all, faithful and precise. It is always a pleasure to co-operate with her.
Sabine Freier, Landsberg am Lech:
A lovely person, gifted osteopath and a highly capable co-therapist. She gives everything imaginable when treating her patients.
Nina Eichner, Landsberg am Lech:
It is always an inspiring experience to be in exchange with this osteopath. Her empathy makes her immensely convincing and the success of her treatments tells exactly the same story.

Nina Eichner

Richard York, Herrsching:
As an alternative practitioner, osteopath, manual therapist – and many more – he is a highly treasured specialist in treating CMD patients.