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As an integral part of a complex system, our teeth are interacting within a network. If we treat teeth mindful of their surroundings – the system will reward our respect toward it with assistance, the body supporting us in the healing process. Gentle means, always with the body – never against it.


When treating patients in the context of bio-dynamic orthodontics, the original cause is what this is all about. We have abandoned invasive or damaging interventions like extractions, for example. The appliances we use always work with the body, never against it. The forces associated with that kind of treatment act below blood pressure. Therefore, supply through the blood supply is always guarantied. Other forces applied only work from within the body itself, by the function of the tongue, the lips, the cheeks or other various oral structures.

Growth-stimulating treatments and bone-remodelling forces support the healing effectively, even with adults. The treatments are designed effectively to ensure short treatment times. We avoid enforcement and fear, always maintaining proper motivation of the patient. This results in healthy teeth, sound jaws, and proper oral functions – without pain, within a healthy system and even enjoyment of the experience.


The gentle, osteopathy accompanied treatments of children and adolescents alike, take the growth of the young body into special consideration. A friendly communication builds the basis for a highly motivated patient. Our special focus lies on the effects of the teeth on the whole body and our treatments are always individually tailored to the young patients needs.


Adults are treated comprehensively: We will always consider the temporomandibular joint health and Airway and all the associated symptoms.This may include difficult, possibly complex or even - where unavoidable surgical – treatments. We aim to adjust the teeth from a forced uncomfortable, and often harmful relation of lower and upper jaw via the pain-free splint position into a healthy comfortable bite. The low force orthodontic therapy ensures shorter treatment times and significantly less discomfort.

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